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Dardenne Prairie Athletic Center

2032 Hanley Rd, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

No upcoming events at the moment

Social Adult League Play

Social Adult Leagues operate from March-October.

Doubles Team Leagues
Leagues run for 6-weeks, and are comprised of 5 regular season weeks and a playoff week in which each team makes the playoffs. Substitute players are allowed on all weeks except the playoff week.Leagues are broken up by skill level, and not by gender.

Teams play 2 matches per league night against opponents registered at the same skill level. Matches are 40 minutes long, and are either back-to-back, or with a 1-match break between, meaning league participants spend a maximum of 2hrs/session at the facility.

Single Player Leagues
Play is organized where players mix and match opponents each game. 7-8 rounds of games are played each league session, and results/standings for each individual are hosted online.

All of the league information, as well as the standings and schedules, are posted HERE.

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