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The #1 Pickleball Vision Training Program

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How Vision Training Works

Vision training is a program designed to develop—or improve—fundamental vision skills that are essential to sports vision performance. Vision training is used to improve one’s ability to make accurate eye movements.

What is Vision Training?

Vision training is essentially a method of teaching the eyes and the brain how to perform a skill more efficiently. Sight is a measurement usually designated by 20/20, 20/40. Vision is how the brain uses sight.

Can you improve your vision?

Vision training is teaching the visual system a more efficient way of operating. There is no visual age limit, efficient visual skills can be learned at any age. Vizual Edge works to help the athlete learn more efficient visual skills.

Vizual Edge Trainer

Unlimited Access
Unlimited software access beginning after baseline evaluation.

3D Glasses
Receive a pair of proprietary 3D glasses.

Detailed evaluation reports based on each visual skill set with customized training plans.

Every 6 weeks, re-evaluate and provide updated training plan and reports based on progression.

Open Gym + Game Day Training
Unlimited access to Open Gym and Game Day Training modes. Open Gym allows for training anytime outside of the training plan. Game Day is an excellent protocol to help get the visual system firing before competition.

Start Training Today!

Become a better player today!

The Vizual Edge training program is proven to help your vision on the court. Better vision means quicker reactions, better decisions, and more victories!

Training program access starts at $58/mo!

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