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Missouri High School Pickleball

Ignite Pickleball is working to support and provide opportunities for youth to play pickleball in a safe, inclusive, and positive environment. We help develop the sport for both athletes working to improve their skills. as well as for those with no prior experience just looking to have fun, grow as leaders, and make lifelong friends! 

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High School League Format
All Playing Doubles Pickleball

Doubles Team Leagues
Teams are scheduled for 2 matches per league session. Matches are a best of 3 game format (Win by 1. First two games to 11, Final game to 7).

Leagues are broken up by gender and skill level, and there are both Competitive and Social Leagues for students to join.

Individual Player Leagues
Play is organized where players mix and match opponents and partners each game. Individual games are played until time in the session is up.

All of the league information, as well as the standings and schedules, will be posted on this page

Missouri High School Pickleball

Current League Opportunities

Winter Doubles Team Leagues

Missouri Pickleball Club

Mondays - 4-6pm

No upcoming events at the moment

Junior Pickleball Club

If you have a younger student (ages 9-14) interested in getting out and learning the game, try out the Junior Pickleball Club!

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